We are much more than a contract.
​What does PARTNERING with 360 look like?

Working with 360 Degree Medicine is much more than just a contract, it is a partnership in the delivery of care to patients. 360 Degree Medicine integrates itself into your mission and vision with a focus on quality outcomes for the patients served. Results are achieved through leadership and accountability. 

360 sets the bar high with the recruitment of superior providers and implementation of a time tested delivery model that drives throughput metrics and patient satisfaction. As a regional service group, 360 utilizes a sustainable growth approach toward partnership in order to maintain flexibility to adapt to the nuisances of each facility and patients. This constitutes the optimal ER experience for your patients, while also producing the top percentile outcomes your facility is striving to achieve. 
As the landscape of medicine continually evolves, 360 Degree Medicine staying abreast for what’s to come and prepared to adapt, all the while remaining patient-centered.  360's priority in evaluating any new partnership is to identify barriers to achieving top percentile performance, and work as team to establish and implement solutions.  This is evidenced by the fact that to date, 360 has not been asked by a partner healthcare facility to vacate its partnership. If you are looking for a partner to lead your Emergency Department, your options just got better.